Nekem offer a wide variety of decoration techniques to complement the bottles and closures we stock… Decorating directly onto your chosen packaging produces a ‘premium’ finish. Some of the decoration offered are…


Spray Coating

A limitless range of colours can be used to coat all surfaces of your packaging. Matching to specific colours or samples swatches can be offered.

Gloss, Matte, Pearlescent, Metallic and Vignette finishes are all possible.






Screen Print

Multi-Colour screen printing can be achieved on the majority of products.

Colours can be matched to your requirements as well as using ‘Precious Metals’ such as Gold leaf and metallics.




Hot Foil

Create a ‘Premium’ high gloss finish with Hot Foil in a wide variety of colours and finishes.




Water Slide Decal

For images that have a lot of fine detail and colours we offer Decals which are manually applied at our UK production sites.

Create photographic image finishes on all surfaces of your product.